Available 7 days      Professional driver      Clean Car      On time pickups

No Hassles      No Apps to figure out      No Hidden Fees      Comfortable Ride

You do not share vehicle with strangers

Main Line Driver is a private car service. We have been driving for about ten years, and for the drivers, this has been the most satisfying work ever. Our riders have been thrilled with the experience. Most riders consider our drivers a friend who will take care of their needs. Our strength is in helping our riders.

In short, we will go nearly anyplace and any time of day or night to get you to your destination, if we have time on the calendar, and you are willing to pay a reasonable (by our standards) amount. We do limit the amount of time on the road in a 48 hour period, so we get enough sleep to be safe. We are pleased to tell you, several other drivers hand off their longer distance or late night rides to us because of that.

To ride with us, you just need to be pleasant, and able to get in and out of the car un-aided. Any other designation is unimportant. This is a collaborative service. We help you, and you give us money. That has worked for over 10 years and we are committed to continuing.


Our main service area is the PA suburban area around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - the Main Line. We have also added availability out to the West Chester, PA, extended area - west and south.

We drive locally and longer distance for all sorts of people.

For the Regional & Longer Distances, these are custom priced, so when we need to come out further to get you, we can factor that in. We've been asked to go as far, to drop people, as Florida, Northern New Hampshire, Cape Cod, Albany, Indiana and Pittsburgh.



We accept Cash, Checks and VENMO

Occasional, same day, local rides can be accommodated, but we are mostly a book ahead operation.

Volvo Wagon

Many of our riders will experience the best that Volvo has to offer - the V-90 wagon. It seats 1 guest in the front and up to 3 across the back. Have a lot of gear? Ask for the roof box.

Ford Van

We can also rent a Ford Transit Van that takes up to 14 + driver (or smaller). Availability varies, and we need lead time to get a van scheduled.

What Makes Us Different?

The type of service makes us different. Consider us to be a "Friend Helping A Friend."  You see, we aren't a black Ford with a boring driver in a black suit. We dress to blend in with the locals and when you come out of the car it looks like family or a friend is taking you out. Our riders comment regularly that they prefer this type of service.

Then, it is our people that riders come back for. Someone calls you back (or replies to your E-mail or Text) to take your information, answer your questions, and provide a price quote.

You can count on Main Line Driver once you have a reservation too. We are nearly always on time or a little early for pick up. Odds are we looked up where you told us we are going, so we have an idea of the route. We can help with luggage, shopping and packages as the rider needs. But we are pleasant to ride with and nearly everyone we take says so. Then, whatever the job or distance, it is an adventure for us to come out and take you on your ride. We enjoy the experience as much as the riders do.

To schedule a ride, please click the E-mail: MainLineDriver@aol.com or call: 610-291-6577 (Phone 8 am-8 pm)

NOTE: Many times, an E-mail with all the ride details will get a quicker reply.