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Our Riders Say . . . .

From a husband coming home from JFK with the family:

"Now that we are headed home we are real happy we chose you. After the long day coming over from Europe, we really couldn't have made the drive ourselves." After which he promptly dosed off until we got close to home.


From a regular we take out shopping:

"You carry the bags, and make sure I get everything. You watch out for me as I can't see well anymore."


From someone we took to the hospital:

Thanks for getting me there for my operation on time. That let my husband get to work on time. I know it was before sun-up but I appreciate your care and promptness.


From just one of the many I take to family parties:

I can't thank you enough for getting me safely to the anniversary party for my brother. The weather was horrible but you came and took me out and brought me back later. I had a wonderful time, and I felt very safe in your beautiful car.


From a late day caller:

I needed to get my car back from the dealer and they didn't have a driver to come get me, as I expected. Thank you for dropping everything to run out and help me get there before they closed.

The Three Miracles - Return Trip From NYC:

1) We were caught in the heavy rain and called to say we didn’t know when we might get to our pick-up point. We were only several blocks away. You said, “No problem, I’ll come get you.” That saved us so much.

2) On the way to get our luggage at the hotel, a police car pulled up with lights, across the road we needed. You didn’t skip a beat. You pulled right next to them and asked if we could pass and why. There wasn’t another option. They thought about it then moved back so we could pass.

3) On the NJTP, the rain returned and it was like crossing a lake. We were very happy we had you driving your all-wheel drive Volvo. It didn’t slip once and we outpaced most of the others around us with ease.


We went north several hours and brought a relative here to visit:

"My sister had a nice ride with you. Thanks for your help getting her in and out of the rest stops and for lunch. She had a nice ride chatting with you."


From an airport passenger:

You are on time and ready when we need to go away. When we get back you are there when we clear customs and ready to pack our luggage and take us home. We enjoy riding with you and your friendly service.


From a couple we took to New York for vacation:

We had a great trip. Thanks for the side trip to our favorite diner along the way.


From a lady we took to her doctors:

Even though I am down here living, I still like my doctors at my old home town. Thank you for taking me 90 minutes back for an appointment.


In short, the constant, positive feedback

we get makes this the most satisfying job

you can imagine.

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