To schedule a ride, please click the  E-mail: or call: 610-291-6577 (8 am-8 pm)

Local rides are our bread and butter.

NOTE: We serve the Main Line and west, and south, best.

If you live in Northeast Philly, or above, we might be best for the longer rides. It will be expensive for us to take you shopping, as we don't have a guy close to help you.


  • To Kimmel for a concert
  • Food shopping
  • Hair dresser & other errands
  • Drive from home to relatives
  • Drive to all the airports
  • Take to a club for a party or meet relatives
  • Take family to Art Museum
  • Take for out-patient surgery and bring home when over - we do a lot
  •  Doctors appointments
  • Follow-up doctor visits
  • Take to 30th St train station
  • Take to dealer to get car from service (when dealer didn't have a driver left)
  • Multiple days over several months, for cancer treatments
  • Take lawn mower in for service
  • Occasionally pick up child at school and take home or to after school activity
  • Take someone to wedding or funeral with return
  • To Forrest Theatre
  • Take you and your dog to the vet
  • Some people want to escape from the old folks home to be out in the world for lunch or dinner with your driver.

Have a private plane?

We can pick you up, take you to a meeting or a meal and bring you back to your plane.




We are available to help you get out. We take people to stores, to parties & concerts, pick up family, carry a bit of cargo, take you to your club, and people to meetings. We can provide occasional school child pick up.

Weather-wise, we will try almost any weather but ice. and that moment the roads get so clogged by traffic and weather together, getting there isn't possible.



We regularly take riders to doctor's appointments or procedures,

and relatives to visit people in hospital or various local rehab centers. We are yours for the duration then take you home after. You need to be able to get in and out of car without us lifting you. We do take wheelchairs, walkers, and the occasional scooter in the back. Just tell us what you have.



Ride door to door in the the comfort of our Volvo wagon.

We can take you to a variety of Airports such as Philadelphia, JFK, Newark NJ, Allentown/Bethlehem, Newark Del, or Baltimore/Washington.

Riders have suggested that for some international destinations, they save money going from Newark NJ, or JFK instead of going from PHL.

TRAIN STATION: We can drop you or pick you up at the train station at 30th Street, or any R5 - Main Line stop.


BUSINESS TRANSPORT: Need to get to a meeting but want to arrive without the added stress driving yourself can add? We can do that drive for you. We have become a source for a number of European companies who send staff over for various meetings or events.


PRICING: Airport, 30th street train, and cruise pier runs are usually a flat rate. Flat rates usually include all the tolls (which keep going up !!) and gas. Errands and doctor visits are $25 an hour from the time driver leaves Home base, to estimate of return there.



EARLY OR LATE: We are also becoming the late night and early morning choice for people traveling on the first or last plane of the day. They count on us to be out of bed and there, ready to go. That needs to be scheduled ahead so we can plan on naps, as needed. So far, so good on that. Our riders are pretty happy.



Understand you are paying for driver and car round trip from our Home Base.


While we run this as a business, the idea to the outside world is driver is just a friend helping a friend. We can help with shopping if you like, and carry packages and guide you as needed.

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