To schedule a ride, please click the  E-mail: or call: 610-291-6577 (8 am-8 pm)

Do you need your loaded car driven somewhere for you? Cape Cod, Carolinas,

Florida, New England, or more distant . . . or brought back?

Ride in our car too: We are also getting calls to take people out three to six hours to drop off using our Volvo V-90 all-wheel drive wagon. This is also an option. Give us your details and we will work up a custom quotation for your needs.


  • To/from Hyannis for ferry
  • Multiple times to Cape Cod for summer, then back
  • Take my sister home... to northern New Hampshire.
  • To South Carolina shore for winter - taking her dog too.
  • To Albany, NY then on to Vermont - taking her and my dogs along.
  • To the middle of New Hampshire for the summer
  • Take my car to FLA. Meet us getting off a plane then fly home.
  • To Pittsburgh - Driver stayed for weekend then return
  • Providence, RI area for the summer, with return late in season
  • Drop off for long weekend in the Poconos
  • Drop off in Williamsburg, VA. Return from Virginia Beach 10 days later.
  • Let's go to Alexandria, VA for lunch. Why not?
  • Take me out of town, to my reunion. Stay, and bring me back.
  • With virus, go get my boy and his dog in Boston, and bring him home.
If you, or your family members want to pack the car with your things, and have someone drive it to your summer or winter home, Main Line Driver is available to do that for you. We can take the vacationers along or drive the loaded car alone. How this works: Main Line Driver comes to your location, and drives your car to the place you will live for weeks or months. When we get to the final destination, we turn the car over to you or your family and expect any final payment. Then you drop us at our return flight or train. (On both ends of a trip that can be next morning as the schedule requires.) At the end of your stay away, we can come back and take the car back to the other home. Have a good dog or cat? They can ride along as well, so long as they are able to be inside a car or motel without messing. Anti-social, old, or medically unstable animals we can discuss, but likely one of the owners rides along and handles. While we are based in the Philadelphia area, we will consider ANY start and delivery location in the US. PRICING: Car owner is responsible to cover the driver's and car's costs for: gas, and tolls, and driver's meals, motels, taxis, and return travel method, in addition to the driving fee which will be agreed to in advance. The cost of the ride continues from the time we leave our home base, to driver's return, so airport meals and motel and airport transport, if needed before or after our drive, still need to be paid for by the family we are helping. - - - - - - - -

FLORIDA:  We have made this as simple as we can, and those using us have been very happy. Driver gets $750. That covers his time, 1 night motel, 1 night near Orlando with my sister (which is free - if down that far) & food. You will get me to my return method of travel home, and pay for that air or whatever. I use your EZ-Pass for tolls; your credit card (or cash) for gas; and you cover whatever it costs so we meet up for me to take the car from you.


There will be contract papers to sign and deposit which covers a bit more than the return air or whatever I have to put out ahead.



The more lead time you can plan this the better. When you ask a couple weeks out and the air is over $500, I can’t fix that. But those who have planned ahead, the last couple years, have seen the air $200 or less with 1 bag. Owner is the only one who does this, so need a hole in his schedule or time to pass off a couple other rides as needed.


Remember you can (reasonably) pack and fill your car with your stuff. Just need space for driver's luggage.


This package has been very successful.

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