Transport To Covid Vaccine Shot(s)

If you have found and made a reservation to get a Covid Vaccine shot, we are getting calls to handle the driving for that. We regularly take people out for a wide variety of medical appointments and procedures. It is no stretch for us to help people in these situations. Call or   E-mail, to get an estimate and get on our calendar. Once we agree on the plan, one of our drivers will arrive at the appointed time and take you out wherever you need to go. Driver will wait and then bring you back. If you need to sit in the car until your time, that’s fine.

While we have been offered extra to take people out, we are maintaining our standard pricing during this crisis. We don’t do free, but you will pay a rate similar to what we would offer round trip, to that destination without the virus in the mix. All part of our mission to be HELPFUL, first.

If you ask for it, not knowing how the shot will affect you, the owner has a fold up wheelchair that could come along if you ask for it, ahead. It is not carried as standard gear on a ride and not usually available if one of the others is scheduled to take you out. As it says elsewhere, we are NOT an ambulance service. We can’t lift you in or out of the car. The lawyers are really firm about that.

We have been asked to take people out for the vaccine in Pennsylvania only, up to now. We can and have gone farther for a variety of rides, but so far just PA residents have inquired about Covid shots.

All riders in our cars wear masks when in the company of others.

(NOTES: We have no access to getting anyone a slot for a shot. We have no control over your source of the shot. You are paying us for the ride, no matter what that outside entity does or fails to do for you You need to cancel and receive a reply, by 5pm the day before your date to be free from any fee.)

HINT: For those trying to find a slot, two riders, so far, are signed up at drug stores part way across the state.

To schedule a ride, please click the E-mail: or call: 610-291-6577 (Phone 8 am-8 pm)

NOTE: Many times, an E-mail with all the ride details will get a quicker reply.