We have made this as simple as we can, and those using us have been very happy.

Driver gets $750. That covers his time, 1 night motel, 1 night near Orlando with my sister (which is free - if down that far) & food. (If not to/from Philly area, I get to look at the budget.)

You will get me to my return method of travel home, and pay for that air or whatever. I use your EZ-Pass for tolls; your credit card (or cash) for gas; and you cover whatever it costs so we meet up for me to get/hand off the car.

There will be contract papers to sign and deposit which covers a bit more than the return air or whatever I have to put out ahead.

The more lead time you can plan this the better. When you ask a couple weeks out and the air is over $500, I can’t fix that. But those who have planned ahead, the last couple years, have seen the air $200 or less with 1 bag. Owner is the only one who does this, so need a hole in his schedule or time to pass off a couple other rides as needed.

Remember you can (reasonably) pack and fill your car with your stuff. Just need space for driver's luggage. Understand that other options only allow an empty car to go.

This service has been very successful.


Take you away in my car

As the virus began, some asked about getting to cruises from Florida without flying. Starting at $3,877, I could take you, in my car, stay in FLA, and bring you back. (7 day cruise max) I've got to free up a week, so early planning is a must. 1-2 nights in motel in each direction, which you pay for my room.

We could talk about the same for a land vacation.

To schedule a ride, please click the E-mail: MainLineDriver@aol.com or call: 610-291-6577 (Phone 8 am-8 pm)

NOTE: Many times, an E-mail with all the ride details will get a quicker reply.