To schedule a ride, please click the  E-mail: or call: 610-291-6577 (8 am-8 pm)

1) We can take you and drop you off in New York City or any other regional town.

We drive people to New York or other towns in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, as well as PA, several hours away.


DROP OFF: We take you to stay with relatives, or to a hotel in the town of your choice. We can come back and see you get home as well, days or weeks later.

DAY TRIP: Want to go to a party distant relatives are holding? Just want to get out and visit a town or dine on your own schedule and don't want to drive yourself? Is it a beach day or you want a quick visit to the Poconos or lunch by Chesapeake Bay? We can take you out and bring you back same day. We can even stay overnight in a local motel if needed, with notice, but we can bring you home when the event is over.

We can take riders to see Baltimore.
Feel free to visit and buy your driver a special gift !!


  • Pick up in CT with return the next week
  • Drop off in Reading
  • Day trip Pt Washington NY.
  • Day trip to Poconos
  • Drop off in New York       (multiple times a year, usually with return)
  • Day trip to NYC
  • Drop off at NJ shore.
  • Day trip to NJ shore.
  • Drop off Glasgow, Delaware
  • Lunch in Princeton, NJ

NOTE: Other area drivers have called us to handle these longer rides for them.

NOTE: We can take you to New York City. Once in Manhattan, we drop you at your hotel, relatives, or first stop of a day trip, and are usually not otherwise available to transport you between sites.

2) We have gone to pick up relatives in Connecticut and other spots 2 to 4 hours away and brought them here.

Yes, Connecticut... (followed by north NJ, and the shore, then Long Island) seems to be a hotbed for this sort of thing. So far that has been round trip, for the driver, in one day to bring relatives here or take people there. In most cases we are hired again, days or a week later for a return trip. We make rest stops and meal breaks on the road as needed.

3) Cruises:

We can get you to piers in the New York area (Manhattan, Red Hook, or Bayonne/Cape Liberty)

or Baltimore, Md.

As the virus began, some asked about getting to cruises from Florida without flying. Starting at $3,877, I could take you, stay in FLA, and bring you back. (7 day cruise max) I've got to free up a week, so early planning is a must. 1-2 nights in motel in each direction.


PRICING: Major airport and cruise pier runs are usually a flat rate, and includes tolls, which keep going up, and gas. A drop off in Manhattan is also a flat rate, depending a bit on how far from a bridge/tunnel and time of day. Other rides are priced by the hour. First hour minimum, then by quarter hour, OR by a day rate. All that includes consideration of tolls, gas and meals for the requested plan. Rates for late night/early morning travel quoted as needs are known.

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